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Member Goals for 2020 Seaforde Interiors

As a busy interior designer, current work and projects are often my priority however taking time to reflect on the year ahead and planning goals is really important to business growth. 2019 was an exciting year and I'm so pleased to have worked with a number of members in Down Business Connect, creating beautiful spaces within their businesses. For 2020, my personal and business goals are as follows:

  • Factor in regular time to attend training courses and continue to be engaged in networking
  • Self-care and creating healthy habits. As a busy, working mum of two, taking time to focus on my health - from exercising to healthy eating is a priority in 2020.
  • Holidays. I'm hoping to travel more. Inspiration is everywhere, especially in regards to new and emerging trends. This year, I'm already planning to visit cities including Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam

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