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Member Goals for 2020 Digita

Goals for digita into 2020

Goal setting is a great discipline but like new years resolutions they can be hard to keep so stating real makes it more likely you will achieve what you set. But don't be be conservative in case it actually restricts you:

  • increase turnover by a min of 12% - quite simple really but can be a challenging in today's markets/li>
  • reduce time to complete projects - getting projects completed with lack of copy and material can be a real challenge - we need to come up with innovative ways and services to assist our clients over the final line
  • increased focus on new business from new markets and channels and to celebrate success and achievement from where ever it comes
  • work and home - reduce our carbon footprint across all aspects or working and personal live
  • finally a personal one - take more exercise (most days and every week) - you work better with a clear mind and body

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