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Member Goals for 2020 RNN

Every year, I like to write out a plan for the business - including specific business and personal goals. Last year's goals including winning awards and in November 2019, RNN Communications was named as "Outstanding Small Communications Consultancy in Northern Ireland" at the CIPR PRide Awards, plus several of our clients won major awards for the work which we created and delivered for them.

For 2020, I'm committed to:

  • RNN Communications becoming the first PR agency in NI (and perhaps the UK) to become Carbon Neutral
  • Instilling a focus on new business as part of our everyday work as we've huge growth ambitions
  • Reducing over servicing within the agency. In my quest to always exceed expectations and deliver THE best campaigns, we often work over and above our agreements, and this year, the team and I will be focused on working smarter
  • Personally, achieving Chartered status with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations
  • Taking more holidays without bringing my laptop ?

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